MEDUMAT Standard 2

MEDUMAT Standard 2

 Medical Ventilators

The Right Ventilation Mode in an Emergency
MEDUMAT Standard²

MEDUMAT Standard² is your reliable partner during an emergency response – for the ground emergency medical service, the air rescue service, and in the military medical corps. The intuitive emergency ventilator offers maximum safety for the patient and the user thanks to numerous features.

The MEDUMAT Standard² has different modes and options for invasive and non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

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Top Facts:

  • Specific mode for resuscitation (CPR) with the innovative CCSV (Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation) ventilation mode

  • Supports induction of anesthetic with the RSI mode

  • Individually configurable with functions that can be optionally activated

  • Can be combined with a defibrillator on a portable system

  • Low weight of just 2.5 kg

  • Battery runtime of up to 10 hours

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