More Flexibility from Turbine Technology

Long distances or transport times? No power or oxygen supply?

With a ventilator which maintains ventilation for an average of 8 hours*, even without an external gas supply, you don’t need to worry about the technology. If required, however, the patient can be supplied with additional oxygen at any time via the universally compatible oxygen inlet tube. This allows inspiratory oxygen concentrations of 21 % to 100 % to be achieved - all without the device consuming any itself.

Innovative turbine technology 

  • Works with or without an oxygen supply

  • Manual ventilation replaces bag-valve mask ventilation

  • Universally compatible O₂ connection for oxygen supply when required

  • Loss-free oxygen supply from 21 % O₂ to 100 % O₂

  • Space-saving, lightweight and simple to operate: One of the smallest turbine-driven ventilators in the world

Manual mode with MEDUtrigger
Trigger mechanical breaths entirely in line with requirements

In cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in anesthesia induction (RSI: Rapid Sequence Induction), mechanical breaths may need to be administered individually or twice in quick succession. Thanks to MEDUtrigger, MEDUVENT Standard makes this possible, quickly, and ergonomically.


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