ICU & Hospital Beds

Made in Turkey - We provide wide range of ICU and Hospital Beds that suites your need.


  •  Metal parts coated with zinc phosphate and varnished with electrostatic epoxy polyester powder
  •  Easily cleanable, four-piece compact laminate lying surface.
  •  X-Ray permeable lying surface
  •  Headboard and footboard made of mono-block PP materials
  •  Side rails made of mono-block PP materials
  •  IV pole inserts, accessory inserts and protective bumpers on all four corners
  •  IV pole and drainage hook
  •  DC motors protected from over current and that need no lubrication
  •  High strength hinges made of composite materials
  •  Minimum IPX4 protection
  •  150 mm diameter castors with a directional lock, central locking system and capable of turning 360°
  •  Patient control panel on the side rail-inner and Nurse control panel on the side rail-outer
  •  Electronic adjustments of backrest, legrest, height-up&down and fowler positions by using Patient control panel
  •  Remote control panel for Nurses
  •  Electronic adjustments of backrest, legrest, height-up&down, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg positions by using Nurse control panel
  •  Manuelly and Electronically CPR (Reset)
  •  Equipped with powerfull Column Motors
  •  ABS plastic covered Lower Chassis 
  •  Angle indicators on the side rails
  •  Back up battery for non-stop operation in case of power failure
  •  Leakage currents & ground fault protection
  •  Mattress with 11 cm thickness suitable for lying surface

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