Oxygen Concentrator - Nuvo 8 litre

Oxygen Concentrator - Nuvo 8 litre

Proudly Presents The Most Powerful Member of our Nuvo Family of Oxygen Concentrators

Liter Flow -- 2 to 8 LPM
Ideal for High Flow Patients
Made in the USA
Low Maintenance Costs

Nidek Nuvo 8 Liter Oxygen Concentrator provides large flow rates at high pressures, giving expanded opportunities to patients. It is intended to supply supplemental oxygen to persons requiring low flow oxygen therapy. It produces an oxygen-enriched product by concentrating the oxygen contained in room air. This oxygen concentrator can be used either to administer oxygen with nasal cannulas or another probe or mask type of devilbiss.

Nidek Nuvo Concentrator Features

  • Exclusive Moisture-Reducing Wick Assembly. 
  • Reinforced Base Substructure and Recessed Casters to Guard Against Breakage. Spring-Mounted, High-Efficiency Thomas Nexus Compressor. 
  • A rapidly pulsing audible alarm goes off every time the machine is turned on to indicate power quality (a persisting alarm indicates a problem). 
  • A green LED light indicates power is applied and is ready to provide oxygen-enriched air. 
  • The machine includes an alarm that sounds off intermittently if a power failure occurs. 
  • A visible and audible alarm is activated (blinking red light and sound) if there is a process fault. 
  • The alarm must sound loudly for five seconds to indicate good battery condition. 
  • It offers the user a power failure alarm test by simply unplugging the machine and turning it on to prompt the audio alarm. 
  • It gives an alarm if there the oxygen flow is blocked. The compressor will automatically shut off if under excessive heat.

Nidek Nuvo 8 Liter Concentrator Highlights

  • Standard Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator 
  • Patented RPSA Technology. 
  • Patented Maintenance-Free Rotary Poppet Valve
  • Superior Grade Molecular Sieve Strips Nitrogen From Ambient Air

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