Ventilators Made In Germany

Always Reliably and Properly Ventilated.

When the respiratory system is ravaged by disease or injured in an accident, ventilation of the lungs can be impaired to a life-threatening degree. We develop reliable technologies that restore proper ventilation and unload the respiratory pump. Safety, effective treatment and operating convenience are our prime concerns. The result: products that automatically ventilate in response to patient needs and thereby offer maximum support to patients and assistance to medical personnel.


Ventilation solutions built on a solid foundation

We believe that mechanical ventilation can and should be more natural and less mechanical. Our goal is to make breathing natural enough to reduce the need for sedation and help patients to breathe on their own quickly — so they can get back to their normal lives. With this goal in mind, we provide ventilation solutions that help reduce asynchrony and the risk of infections in ventilated patients. These solutions help make Medtronic the trusted choice of hospitals around the globe.

We recognize that more natural breathing is not only good for patients on ventilation, but also good for the clinicians who care for the patients and want them to feel better about their experience in the ICU. That’s why our trusted line of Puritan Bennett™ ventilation systems are designed to promote more natural breathing and help improve patient comfort.1 All of our systems are engineered to deliver sensitive, precise breaths to help meet the needs of both the patient and the clinician.

Ventilation Products